Monday, April 18, 2011

Timing Tuesday

(sighing) Well it's been one whole day since Ed left back to Afghanistan and it's back to solo parenting for me.  It sure was wonderful having him here to help me get our kids to where they needed to go.  He fixed stuff around the house.  It was great to walk places and hold hands. 

So now that my partner is absent it's all about timing and scheduling and making sure we get back into the swing of things around here.

First things first.  Preparing the boxes to ship out the Pug Dolls that sold in my Etsy Shop.

Oh!!! I must share a pic of this beautiful teak chest I bought this past weekend.  It is not only a teak chest that can serve as a bench..........

or a display for my pieces from PugNotes

It is actually an ice chest
But for me - this piece serves as storage for my fabric.

Whoo HOO - scattered pieces of a pug.  This is going to be a nice piece.  I can feel it.

Check out MA-kytah with Kin.  She just needs to know what's going on at the table.  This pic was taken during our Friday night board games with the teens.

Ohhh what fun.  Another pug doll sold in my Etsy shop:
Chester Piece is traveling to Vermont

Well, as my Tuesday is getting started I must move on with it.  Until then my Blog Buddies I throw out Pug Hugs to all and leave you with this pic of me and a Mahi Mahi that my brother caught out in the seas around Guam on board the Linda Jane:

The Pug Artist From Guam

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  1. hi karen!
    oh what a wonderful post! your pug art is displayed and smiling in my house too in every room!
    i cannot wait for two more red pug lions to arrive! one of those boxes is mine!
    your etsy store is so fabulous!
    i love it, and i am so addicted to your pug dolls!
    congratulations on your first sales with tons more on the way my dear friend!