Wednesday, June 30, 2010


REDUCE: When I get the urge to put a pug design in my mind onto paper I grab paper that is going to be tossed away:

REUSE: This is computer paper. We have stacks and stacks of these at work. Oh lookey, purple must be my favorite color. Purple pen, purple scissors.

Folding, drawing, snipping, cutting and a BlackBerry:

This is a pug doll I am designing entitled PUGlette:

RECYCLE: I have lots and lots of clothes. I'm a fashion freak, sometimes I would wear an outfit only one time and it would hang in the closet.

Well I did Spring cleaning in June and anything beige or striped, tan or plaid, I placed on the "PUG IT" pile. Yep, most folks have a "TO KEEP" pile and a "TO TOSS" pile. I have those too and of course my "PUG IT" pile. You wouldn't believe how many pug ears I can cut from a size 6 pair of slacks I wore only one time. Next time I'll keep count. In the meantime here is PUGlette in the making from a beige striped two piece suit that went into the "PUG IT" pile. I cut 4 dolls using 9 pattern pieces. Only got 4 because the stripes on this outfit was difficult to even out. These I cut while that electric pressure cooker was cooking our dinner.

REMEMBER I just remembered that I promised my dear friend in Colorado, Melissa, a pic of how her lovely pug pillows my children gave me for Mother's Day are sitting smartly in the new Toyota 4Runner I bought for my son. Melissa they are lovely:

Melissa has a website that I love to visit. Check it out at

Until tomorrow my Blog Buddies - I end this post with this pic of Max with one of the "No Evil" dolls:
The Pug Artist From Guam

Time is Precious

Day 2 of my BLOG journey. I wonder how I do it? How do I find time to do my passion, my hobby, my love for pugs? I thought about this long and hard after clicking "Publish Post" to send my first Blog yesterday. So I mentally kept a diary of the "how" to getting my dolls made. I have a full time career as the Director of Communication, HR, PR at the #1 dealership in Guam. I'm also a solo parent.......but then this fact is in my "About Me."

I took time off to take my 16 year old to the dentist and as I waited, I finished sewing the snouts on these little rascals:

Instead of reading outdated magazines, why not sew snouts.

After the dentist, we went home, got dinner started in that awesome electric pressure cooker that can whip up a warm stew in just 15 minutes, and then it was time to take my granddaughter to cheerleading practice. While I waited for her I snipped curves on this batch that I sewed together on Monday evening:

When I laid me down to sleep after dinner, pets, a little bit of house cleaning, I turned this batch inside out and called it a day.

And here is day two.........picked this outfit to wear today:

Before dropping my son off to summer school, I had this ready for him to give his teacher. Yep on Guam we don't give an apple to teachers........we give MANGO:

This is pretty much how the holding area is for everything I have to grab to run out the door:

But I hug this little guy and the others before dashing out:

Until tomorrow, I shall share more of squeezing in my pugs of my very fast pace life.


From Guam USA


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today is day one in my adventure into the blog world. Kind of like a working diary of my passion for pugs and how I create them. Although there is a long step by step process towards a creation before getting to this table:

I share a sneak peek for what will be coming out in July 2010.

At the moment I make my pug creations available through eBay; however, I am exploring other avenues like my own website and Etsy.

I dedicate Paddywak Pugs to the pugs I have had the love and pleasure of owning:

Alphie and Shade - Pugs I owned when living in Alabama

Kiko - A male fawn pug who was with me for a short time

Max and Shady who are my inspiration to the whimsical and fun designs that I am creating today:

The Pug Artist from Guam