Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time is Precious

Day 2 of my BLOG journey. I wonder how I do it? How do I find time to do my passion, my hobby, my love for pugs? I thought about this long and hard after clicking "Publish Post" to send my first Blog yesterday. So I mentally kept a diary of the "how" to getting my dolls made. I have a full time career as the Director of Communication, HR, PR at the #1 dealership in Guam. I'm also a solo parent.......but then this fact is in my "About Me."

I took time off to take my 16 year old to the dentist and as I waited, I finished sewing the snouts on these little rascals:

Instead of reading outdated magazines, why not sew snouts.

After the dentist, we went home, got dinner started in that awesome electric pressure cooker that can whip up a warm stew in just 15 minutes, and then it was time to take my granddaughter to cheerleading practice. While I waited for her I snipped curves on this batch that I sewed together on Monday evening:

When I laid me down to sleep after dinner, pets, a little bit of house cleaning, I turned this batch inside out and called it a day.

And here is day two.........picked this outfit to wear today:

Before dropping my son off to summer school, I had this ready for him to give his teacher. Yep on Guam we don't give an apple to teachers........we give MANGO:

This is pretty much how the holding area is for everything I have to grab to run out the door:

But I hug this little guy and the others before dashing out:

Until tomorrow, I shall share more of squeezing in my pugs of my very fast pace life.


From Guam USA



  1. hi karen!
    oh what a wonderful post!
    thank you for sharing your day with us!
    i cannot believe this is only your second entry.
    you are an amazing blogger!
    i cannot wait for the next entry!

  2. Welcome to blogland Karen! I have one of your Pug Dolls that I purchased several years ago! I LOVE IT!!! I'll be watching to add to my collection...maybe a new theme for the bedroom????

  3. So glad you started a blog. I love your work. I have one of your dolls, it's totally awesome!