Wednesday, September 29, 2010


While in Saipan this past Monday I learned through my BlackBerry that a soldier from Guam died in Afghanistan. I read more on this breaking news and I was saddened that Jaysine Petree, age 19 was the soldier. A young female adult who joined the Army after graduating from high school in 2009. As I set out on my daily journey on the road I noticed flags on Guam were being flown at half staff as the island mourns.


Century Plaza

Atkins Kroll (My place of work)

Superior Court of Guam

I noticed, though, on base the flags were flying at full staff:

At the school

And at the hospital.

I wonder why?

Despite my wondering I carried on with my day taking Kin to his appointment and then here is something that my daughter usually does and that is wait at the bus stop after school to pick up the teens. I had the pleasure of doing this as I took the rest of the day off from work.

Funny thing is that when I don't plan what to do because of an unforseen early off time - I get into the goofing off. Instead of a warm meal let's eat a sandwich for dinner. Instead of doing the normal Thursday chores.............let's watch a movie. And so I did, "Letters from Juliet." I never sit around watching television in the late afternoon. NEVER.

So that's it for now my Blog Buddies. Until the next time I blog, I leave you with this pic I just had to take of Kin goofing off with freezing his wet shirt.


Karen, the Pug Artist From Guam

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Goes On Between Point A and Point B

With such a fast paced lifestyle, many times, I drive to work and then I drive home. Do you ever give any thought about what happens through the duration of getting from Point A to Point B? Starting with the drive home from work yesterday I used my camera and my BB for a pictorial story of getting from Point A to Point B in an attempt to get home(Point B) after work (Point A).

Stuck in traffic at a stand still going up airport road. Instead of wondering when we were going to get moving again.......

I often look at my rear view mirror while driving but sitting in traffic I take note that my mirror's compass indicates that I was heading East on the island. WOW WOW Wee
Ahhh, the radio. Very annoying between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. because every channel is drowned with radio advertisements. Come on businesses - drive time traffic is miserable. Play more music. We need to unwind and cope with the traffic and music makes the journey that more bearable.

I'm still sitting in this non-moving lane of traffic when I decided to look at what pics I had in my BB. This one was when I took a trip with my sisters and our mom to Saipan for a weekend getaway. What joy that was and fun memories.

The traffic did move and I inched my way to the soccer field where my 15 year old was practicing. I had to wait a good 1/2 hour before practice was over.

So I use this free time to do a little snipping of a Sit Pug Sit piece I'm putting together:

When I was done with snipping I caught up on some reading of the latest book that I am.....well - reading. My granddaughter is doing a term paper on Sam Walton. The founder of Wal-Mart. I can't wait to share with my granddaughter that Hillary Rodham Clinton served on the Board of Directors for Wal-Mart after Sam Walton personally asked her to sit on his Board. She resigned when Bill Clinton ran for president.

Alas practice was over and we went home, had a nice warm meal, did some homework and I finished this piece made from a blouse that went into the Pug It pile back in the summer.

And here it is today - a new day. Before getting on the road again I just had to take a pic of Kin in his ROTC uniform.

Look at all them ribbons.

I drop my sons to the bus stop which is about a 5 minute drive from home. On my way back the 5 minute drive took almost 15 minutes because I was following the dump truck.

Kudos to the Department of Public Works for transferring our waste in a timely manner.

Isn't this a beautiful purse? It's a Dooney & Burke and I love its warm color and style.

Well.............some time during last night - this cute ebony loving pug of mine, Shady

did this to my prized purse.

I was very very very angry with Shady, but it was my fault for leaving it within her reach.

Anyway, until next time my Blog Buddies, I leave you with this pic of traveling from home this morning (Point A) to work (Point B). Traffic was not so bad.


Karen, the Pug Artist From Guam

Monday, September 27, 2010

Inflict Joy Everyday

Yesterday I took a day trip to Saipan for business meetings. Although it was dark and gloomy as we boarded the plane the minute we broke through the clouds I caught this shot of the northern end of Guam. So serene.

So Beautiful.

Today (which is Tuesday) started out with this first scene at work. I just know the joy of the owner of that Jeep (on the left) (on a Toyota compound) escalated when our guys helped jump start his dead Jeep.
Buy a Toyota!!!

And I am certain that the joy of our PDI guys was just as mutual when the Toyota did jump start the Jeep.

This week is all about inflicting Joy into everyone every day.
Anita, our receptionist (center) was heading out for the day because she completed her shift. Well, we decided to wave good-bye to her and thank her for serving our customers every day. She was turning red when we kept praising her and waving our pom poms as she timed out.
And as she left the building we followed her out to the curb waving our pom poms that even Ernie, one of our sales guys stopped to wave too. We caused quite a stir in the showroom and everyone wondered why we were so appreciative of Anita. Needless to say, Anita sure went home feeling more valuable.

I finally finished Polka Dot Pug. In fact I finished two and they sit with pride on my end tables in my living room. Admiring my art brings great joy to me (wink wink)

I also finished several ying-yang pug pillows. This one is displayed with a ying-yang scented candle melter thingy

along side my favorite "Sit Pug Sit" pillow and my BumblePug.

Until tomorrow my Blog Buddies. I leave you with this pic that brought great joy to me back in June when my granddaughter won the President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence at her elementary school promotion ceremony. Although the signature is probably an e-signature...........the fact of the matter is that it was signed by President Obama and I am very proud that she worked very hard to earn such recognition. Good job Tammy!!


Karen, the Pug Artist From Guam

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunday Sunday

(Sighing).........Sunday's sure do go by fast. What is suppose to be a day of rest is actually another day of tasks and chores and literally "put the house back together" and get it ready for another roller coaster ride of work, school, home, meals, etc. etc.

Had to squeeze in grocery shopping. No question about that. My sons can eat. So on the road we go, to do major grocery shopping.

I'm going to do some recipes with tofu. The other night at Benii's I tried tofu salad and spicy tofu curry. Yummmmy. I'll blog the results.
After putting away the grocery I continued with Palaksi Pug. This little critter is going to take a long long time to complete but I am just loving how it is turning out.

Check out these pieces I'm working on:

Aren't they cute? Yes, I recycled an L/V that had a lot of wear and tear on it.

The purse served me well toting my worldly possessions traditionally contained in a purse for many years and I just CUT IT UP.

But I will not touch this piece. It's not one that I would use when I'm shopping but it sure is great with office attire.

This is my 16 year old getting ready to go the movies with his buddes. As he was getting ready there was the boom boom booming of his music rattling the walls. I'm loving every moment of the somewhat irritating bah bah booming. I remember loving to listen to music really really loud from my eight track player and cassette player. Then I had my 45's and LP albums. All gadgets didn't make the kind of noise the little gadgets they have now. Whoah.

I do my best to do things with my sons (you know, things dads do with sons). So dad mode I go and take to the BB gun shooting tin cans with my 15 year old and nephew.

Did I hit the can?

I did when Zach took this shot.

Yep I can do what daddy does.

I'm off to Saipan tomorrow for a day trip. Can't wait to get there, do what I have to do, and then get on the plane and fly back to Guam.

Until then my Blog Buddies I leave you with this pic - I picked up some goodies for my puggies and Abby. Aren't they just adorable?
Karen, the Pug Artist From Guam

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September to Remember

I'm finding time again to commit to my Blog. And my adventure of juggling my pugs with my lifestyle remains the same.

Life since July 15th changed when hubby came home from Korea after serving 2.5 years there in the Army.........and then he left again. So, I'm back to the solo parent mode and then school started. So I had to get into the solo parent, soccer mom mode and then I went back to work. And BAM - solo parent, soccer mom, career woman mode. Where was there time to do my PASSION FOR PUGS?

Well, between getting my son to his ROTC activities:

I began the creation of a new design. Woo Hoo take a peek at the tail end. Look at them curves:

Work has been grueling but I did make time for a nice and pleasant luncheon with my staff last week at the Joinus Restaurant in the Tumon Plaza Mall:

I did a little more on the new creation. Peek Peek Peek:

Also last week I went to the racetrack for an exciting test drive of the new generation Scion tC:

Slowly but surely putting more details on:

Making new friends with my sons'High School Booster Club Board members. I serve as the Board secretary of this wonderful non-profit organization :

Then that night I had dinner with my family as we celebrated my sister Linda and her husband Frank's 27th wedding anniversry at an awesome Japanese restaurant called BENII'S.

Race driving, luncheons, volunteering, dinner - I still made time to add more details and it is very tedious work:

But I patiently set it aside to take pics of my sons who went off to their homecoming dance with their friends:

And as both sons go off for an evening of fun I am left at home alone with the continuous companionship of MAX who inspired this:

My mind is always "fishing" for ideas to design a new pug and WALLA my fish pug. This piece is called PALAKSI PUG. Palaksi in Chamorro (my native language in Guam) means "slippery." The english version of this fish is Parrot Fish. So either way PALAKSI PUG or PARROT FISH pug - the fish is a reef fish and it is an array of blue colors.

So until next time my Blog Buddies. Love your Pug like I love this little guy:


Karen, The Pug Artist From Guam