Thursday, September 23, 2010

September to Remember

I'm finding time again to commit to my Blog. And my adventure of juggling my pugs with my lifestyle remains the same.

Life since July 15th changed when hubby came home from Korea after serving 2.5 years there in the Army.........and then he left again. So, I'm back to the solo parent mode and then school started. So I had to get into the solo parent, soccer mom mode and then I went back to work. And BAM - solo parent, soccer mom, career woman mode. Where was there time to do my PASSION FOR PUGS?

Well, between getting my son to his ROTC activities:

I began the creation of a new design. Woo Hoo take a peek at the tail end. Look at them curves:

Work has been grueling but I did make time for a nice and pleasant luncheon with my staff last week at the Joinus Restaurant in the Tumon Plaza Mall:

I did a little more on the new creation. Peek Peek Peek:

Also last week I went to the racetrack for an exciting test drive of the new generation Scion tC:

Slowly but surely putting more details on:

Making new friends with my sons'High School Booster Club Board members. I serve as the Board secretary of this wonderful non-profit organization :

Then that night I had dinner with my family as we celebrated my sister Linda and her husband Frank's 27th wedding anniversry at an awesome Japanese restaurant called BENII'S.

Race driving, luncheons, volunteering, dinner - I still made time to add more details and it is very tedious work:

But I patiently set it aside to take pics of my sons who went off to their homecoming dance with their friends:

And as both sons go off for an evening of fun I am left at home alone with the continuous companionship of MAX who inspired this:

My mind is always "fishing" for ideas to design a new pug and WALLA my fish pug. This piece is called PALAKSI PUG. Palaksi in Chamorro (my native language in Guam) means "slippery." The english version of this fish is Parrot Fish. So either way PALAKSI PUG or PARROT FISH pug - the fish is a reef fish and it is an array of blue colors.

So until next time my Blog Buddies. Love your Pug like I love this little guy:


Karen, The Pug Artist From Guam

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  1. hi karen!
    oh my goodness!
    your new fish pug is beyond fabulous!
    your summer looks like so much fun!
    i cannot wait to see more!
    emmitt & i are sending you and your puggies all our love!
    m & e