Monday, September 27, 2010

Inflict Joy Everyday

Yesterday I took a day trip to Saipan for business meetings. Although it was dark and gloomy as we boarded the plane the minute we broke through the clouds I caught this shot of the northern end of Guam. So serene.

So Beautiful.

Today (which is Tuesday) started out with this first scene at work. I just know the joy of the owner of that Jeep (on the left) (on a Toyota compound) escalated when our guys helped jump start his dead Jeep.
Buy a Toyota!!!

And I am certain that the joy of our PDI guys was just as mutual when the Toyota did jump start the Jeep.

This week is all about inflicting Joy into everyone every day.
Anita, our receptionist (center) was heading out for the day because she completed her shift. Well, we decided to wave good-bye to her and thank her for serving our customers every day. She was turning red when we kept praising her and waving our pom poms as she timed out.
And as she left the building we followed her out to the curb waving our pom poms that even Ernie, one of our sales guys stopped to wave too. We caused quite a stir in the showroom and everyone wondered why we were so appreciative of Anita. Needless to say, Anita sure went home feeling more valuable.

I finally finished Polka Dot Pug. In fact I finished two and they sit with pride on my end tables in my living room. Admiring my art brings great joy to me (wink wink)

I also finished several ying-yang pug pillows. This one is displayed with a ying-yang scented candle melter thingy

along side my favorite "Sit Pug Sit" pillow and my BumblePug.

Until tomorrow my Blog Buddies. I leave you with this pic that brought great joy to me back in June when my granddaughter won the President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence at her elementary school promotion ceremony. Although the signature is probably an e-signature...........the fact of the matter is that it was signed by President Obama and I am very proud that she worked very hard to earn such recognition. Good job Tammy!!


Karen, the Pug Artist From Guam

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  1. hi karen!

    oh my gosh!

    all of your photos are amazing!

    i love seeing what you are doing and creating everyday!

    thank you so much for sharing it!

    melissa & emmitt