Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Dad

He endured the abuse of the Japanese occupation during World War II.  That was all dad would tell us about when he was a young teen back in 1944.  When he was 17 years old he joined the Air Force and left his island of Guam.  He loved fishing, hunting, camping - Dad just loved being outdoors.  He was a strict fatherly figure.  Pretty much giving us his full attention when we screwed up but he sure taught us responsibility and always doing "something constructive."

My dad passed away on November 4th.  I was not prepared for dad to just leave us.  But dad waited until nobody was looking and by himself he parted this earth.  He waited until my little sister was on a business trip because everytime dad left the island to get medical treatment in Hawaii, my little sister was there with him.  I truly felt that he passed when Lin was off-island because he knew that he couldn't take her on this trip.

Thanksgiving 2011 was just difficult to pull together but we knew that dad would have wanted us to come together and be thankful.  His roasting pan didn't come out this year, he didn't walk around the corner to take his place at the table, he didn't lead us in a moment of grace before the meal.  Dad always had a list of family members off-island that he would include in the grace prayer.

Death is inevitable.  It will happen to all of us.  Those left behind will mourn and then move on.  For now I mourn and I have been stumbling here and there having my moments going through the process.  Dad.......you are at peace now.  You will not hurt anymore.  Thank you for being a wonderful and loving father.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Designer Inspired Harness

Happy Friday Folks!!!
It's me MA-kytah:
My My My look at what I am sitting in front of.  It's Miss Karen's designer purses.  She loves LV and a lot of times she would go down to Tumon Bay and visit the Louis store just to smell the purses.  I guess it's her way of "dreaming."  But Miss Karen - she one to make her dreams come true.


A couple of Blogs back we shared this photo of designer scarves that Miss Karen decided she will no longer need now that she is retired:

Well she went into her Winnie the Pooh "THINK THINK MODE"
And she starts a cutting and cutting.
And she starts to sew and sew.
And WHALLA!!!!

A designer inspired harness.  WOW WOW WEEEEEEE

She put these "P" "U" "G" bronze colored letters on the collar.  She picked up them pretty letters in Hong Kong:

Look at Shady:

He He He - Shady looks so naked in that "cut pic"
Here is Shady for reals:

Look at me.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our First "COMMENT"

I don't know about you but Miss Karen has this thing about "Firsts" lately.
Hello everyone its me MA-kytah and it is my pleasure to write today's Blog...............This past week we wrote about our first "LIKE" on our Facebook Page and today we are going to write about our first "COMMENT" and that came in from Mary Carptenter of Orlando Florida.  Mary we were so excited especially Miss Karen.

Anywho - Mary's profile pic on her Facebook page has 6 beautiful pugs laying across a couch.  I just wanted to jump on in and join em.  But as you can see I pretty much have the couch to myself since

 Shady Wady only does arms (BOL)

So........we're scrolling around on Mary's page and came upon something she does and that is quilts.  This one she did is being raffled:

Her comment goes something like this:

Rescue pug quilt for raffle. Tickets will be available from now until Pugsgiving, which is Sat Nov. 12th. The winning ticket will be picked at Pugsgiving. Anyone anywhere can buy tickets. Quilt will be shipped up to 20.00. Anything over 20.00 for shipping will be paid by winner.

Quilt size is 54" x 62" and has 20 8x8 squares with the pictures of 20 different rescue pugs. 100% of the money raised ...
will go to the rescue pugs of Pug Rescue of Florida.

Tickets can be purchased online through Pay Pal, and ticket numbers will be emailed to you.Tickets can be purchased by check made out to PROoF, or at any event.
Pug Rescue of Florida
P.O. Box 316
Windermere, FL 34786

Tickets are:
1 for $5.00
3 for $10.00
5 for $20.00
15 for $50.00
40 for $100.00

Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

It looks like you can purchase tickets for this raffle here:

And it is set up to where you can purchase tickets using a credit card or paypal.
Thank you Mary Carpenter for being our first "COMMENT" 
okay now we are going to get Miss Karen to buy some tickets and hopefully we can win that quilt.

Papier Angels

I am such a Pug Loving Person that I love to collect pieces created by artists that are pug related.  I found such an artist on Etsy "Papier Angels."  Please visit her shop as she specializes in paper mache of all breeds.  Of course I grab whatever pug she creates.  Here are some of the Pugs we added to our Pug Palace:









You can see more of her work here at PAPIER ANGELS

Shady sniffs the black pug angel

I'm keeping my eyes out for more Black Pug Paper Mache pieces because I only have two.

Awww look at MA-kytah

Okay here is full color version of "AWWWW LOOK AT MA-kytah"

I tried to take a photo of the pugs with all my PAPIER ANGELS pieces in its shadow box...............Really I tried:
Shady just could not keep still.

We hope you enjoyed our Blog today.  Until next time............I share this photo of MA-kytah amongst the FAWN PAPER ANGELS PAPER MACHE PUGS

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our First "LIKE"

Hello Blog Buddies.................MA-kytah and Shady here with today's Blog.

The other day we put our FACEBOOK page on full gear and our first "LIKE" came in from

Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Wow - we were so excited to welcome Penny Wenny who is a full time house dog just like us.  Penny Wenny has over 1,500 friends.  That is awesome!!

We enjoyed looking at her album and were amazed at where she lived which is near a river (or it may be a lake - we don't know we live on an island and we pretty much have the Pacific Ocean and Philippine Sea surrounding us) and we saw a boat on the river and ducks.  What a beautiful place.

PUG HUGS to you Penny Wenny from your PUG PALS in Guam!!