Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our First "COMMENT"

I don't know about you but Miss Karen has this thing about "Firsts" lately.
Hello everyone its me MA-kytah and it is my pleasure to write today's Blog...............This past week we wrote about our first "LIKE" on our Facebook Page and today we are going to write about our first "COMMENT" and that came in from Mary Carptenter of Orlando Florida.  Mary we were so excited especially Miss Karen.

Anywho - Mary's profile pic on her Facebook page has 6 beautiful pugs laying across a couch.  I just wanted to jump on in and join em.  But as you can see I pretty much have the couch to myself since

 Shady Wady only does arms (BOL)

So........we're scrolling around on Mary's page and came upon something she does and that is quilts.  This one she did is being raffled:

Her comment goes something like this:

Rescue pug quilt for raffle. Tickets will be available from now until Pugsgiving, which is Sat Nov. 12th. The winning ticket will be picked at Pugsgiving. Anyone anywhere can buy tickets. Quilt will be shipped up to 20.00. Anything over 20.00 for shipping will be paid by winner.

Quilt size is 54" x 62" and has 20 8x8 squares with the pictures of 20 different rescue pugs. 100% of the money raised ...
will go to the rescue pugs of Pug Rescue of Florida.

Tickets can be purchased online through Pay Pal, and ticket numbers will be emailed to you.Tickets can be purchased by check made out to PROoF, or at any event.
Pug Rescue of Florida
P.O. Box 316
Windermere, FL 34786

Tickets are:
1 for $5.00
3 for $10.00
5 for $20.00
15 for $50.00
40 for $100.00

Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

It looks like you can purchase tickets for this raffle here:

And it is set up to where you can purchase tickets using a credit card or paypal.
Thank you Mary Carpenter for being our first "COMMENT" 
okay now we are going to get Miss Karen to buy some tickets and hopefully we can win that quilt.

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  1. Thank you Karen! I hope the quilt raises lots of money for the rescue pugs of Pug Rescue of Florida. We have over 130 in rescue right now, and more incoming every day! Thank you again! I LOVE your pugs!