Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our First "LIKE"

Hello Blog Buddies.................MA-kytah and Shady here with today's Blog.

The other day we put our FACEBOOK page on full gear and our first "LIKE" came in from

Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Wow - we were so excited to welcome Penny Wenny who is a full time house dog just like us.  Penny Wenny has over 1,500 friends.  That is awesome!!

We enjoyed looking at her album and were amazed at where she lived which is near a river (or it may be a lake - we don't know we live on an island and we pretty much have the Pacific Ocean and Philippine Sea surrounding us) and we saw a boat on the river and ducks.  What a beautiful place.

PUG HUGS to you Penny Wenny from your PUG PALS in Guam!!


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