Sunday, January 29, 2012

Etsy Shop Alive Again

Happy Sunday Everyone.

I am so pleased to announce that I re-opened my Etsy Shop PaddywakPugs and was able to list the pug clay ornaments. 

And for a limited time I am offering my faithful Blog followers a discount of 50%.\
Just type in the code PUGDISCOUNT

Enjoy and


Monday, January 23, 2012

The Pug Clay Ornament Collection - IT'S DONE!!!

You may know by now that I am just having horrible withdrawal symptoms not having my craft tools and supplies.  I simply just cannot let a day go by without me working on something.  Remember this thrift shop find that I shared with you several Blogs ago?

Well I got into working with clay.........and I showed you the mess I was making experimenting with that:

Here is the rest of that story LOL.
After the clay dried I would smooth the edges by sanding it.
Now it was quite an experiement working with that sanding tool but it was a must since the little clay ornaments were so small.
I sanded 34 ornaments and when I was done with that I dusted it off and then dusted all the dust that flew onto everything around me.  Oh how I long for my patio in Guam tee hee hee.

So then I began

In the climate I'm in now the paint dried pretty quickly so then it was time to STENCIL

More Painting and DETAILING

Protecting the detailing with MOD PODGE

Once the protective coat dried it was time to


Okay time to nestle them into the thrift shop find shadow box:

(sighing) This was quite a project.  The shadow box of Pugs sits in the laundry room of "Thrift Shop Finds."
Enjoy and PUG HUGS to all!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Blog Recipe For Josh

We are so excited about sharing this scrumptuous recipe with our son-in-law Joshua and our little grandson Joshy.  This recipe is quick and although we know that it would be best to roast the latter part of the recipe - simmering it on the stove top did the job as an alternative being that our roasting stuff is on its way.

Simmered Stove Top BBQ Pork Chops
Brown pork chops in a super duper hot dry frying pan (no oils and no spices allowed).  Then place browned pork chops in a large frying pan

Chop up two medium onion and spread upon the chops.

Take a bottle of barbecue sauce and pour on top of the chops and onions.  We used this barbecue sauce:

Cover the pan and bring to a boil then turn down the heat and let simmer for 45 minutes

The chops were so tender and tasty.  We had it with rice and see if you can guess what we made as another side dish for this meal:

Whoops almost forgot to add the chopped celery:

For out little Joshy who would eat this any day:

Hope you try this recipe Josh - the fam bam would love it.  The chops were tender and Oh So Tasty.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blistered Finger Bliss

Happy Happy Saturday Everyone.  It is oh so gloomy here in Germany but that didn't stop me from setting out into the cold to try out a new hair stylist..............because by-golly I sure needed a touch up.  I must say leaving my hair stylist in Guam was so worrisome for me.  I wasn't sure if I was going to find someone I am comfortable with again.  I am quite pleased with who I found and she did a wonderful job on my doo.

Oh dear dear dear my fingers are blistered.  The re-covering of the thrift shop find chair I posted about yesterday was indeed laboring.  Can you imagine hand sewing a covering over vinyl?  Believe me - I sure am so eager to get my sewing machine.

Anyway that thrift shop chair was only $1.00!!!  And the king size flat sheet was $4.00 and take a look at my laundry room now:

I think I'll move in here LOL!!

Are you ready to see the chair?


We must get a photo shoot of the makeover with the Puggies

And the three of us.

Yep - this is my little corner of the world where I can be alone.
I'll add more thrift shop finds into this room and share with you.
And to nestle onto the chair I found this hand embroidered pillow in a thrift shop for $5.00

Until next time my Blog Buddies.  I leave you this photo of the pugs all bundled up for their morning walk in the snow.  See their little booties?  It is a must for them island paws to be protected because they just won't step on snow but with the booties I can't stop em from running in the snow.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Thrift Shop Finds

Now isn't this a lovely pic?

Hubby and I spent some quality time together pulling out
176 staples from this thrift shop find:

I like to hang out in our laundry room because well it's small and cozy and quiet when the washer and dryer are sitting idle.  So I found this chair in a thrift shop in Spandahlem to situate in the laundry room where I can read, or ooVoo with the fam bam back home.

Here is another thrift shop find in Baumholder.  It's a King Size flat sheet.

The simple green color was perfect
to add a simple window treatment in my little corner of the world:
And I have plenty of "sheet" left to re-cover the
chair we found in Spangdahlem.
But it will take a while to re-upholster this seat because I am doing everything by hand.  Sniff Sniff because the sewing machine is "on its way."

Pug Hugs To all.