Friday, January 20, 2012

Thrift Shop Finds

Now isn't this a lovely pic?

Hubby and I spent some quality time together pulling out
176 staples from this thrift shop find:

I like to hang out in our laundry room because well it's small and cozy and quiet when the washer and dryer are sitting idle.  So I found this chair in a thrift shop in Spandahlem to situate in the laundry room where I can read, or ooVoo with the fam bam back home.

Here is another thrift shop find in Baumholder.  It's a King Size flat sheet.

The simple green color was perfect
to add a simple window treatment in my little corner of the world:
And I have plenty of "sheet" left to re-cover the
chair we found in Spangdahlem.
But it will take a while to re-upholster this seat because I am doing everything by hand.  Sniff Sniff because the sewing machine is "on its way."

Pug Hugs To all.


  1. Hope you'll share the finished product! The green will be lovely!

  2. oh what a fun post karen!
    you are amazing!
    i love your new curtains and your new chair cover is going to be fabulous!
    you are so talented and inspiring!

    please hug the pugs for me!

  3. 176 staples.. Yikes! I love the fabric, and I can't wait to see the chair! Looks like a fun project :)

    Angie, Biggie and Ollie