Monday, January 9, 2012

The Reunion

Arose bright and early this morning.
Brewed Coffee.
Fixed breakfast for the fam bam.
Did a little Face Book.
Got the boys off to school.

Then we got ready to go on the two hours drive to Frankfurt.
Yep out the door we went.

Breaking Dawn

My Driver Ed.  Oh I mean my hubby Ed.

Fog up ahead

GPS - now this technology we don't need in Guam but a must have in Germany.

We are in the fog.  Not so bad.

I make sure that on long road trips I have something to do.  I brought my crochet work.

We arrive at the Frankfust Cargo Center

Through a tunnel

Oh Me Oh My - a Continental Flight landing.  It must contain the pugs.  My heart goes thumpity thump thump

Despite the detailed directions from Continental/United airlines on the procedures to collect the Pugs - it was not an easy task. 

We made so many wrong turns, went into so many dead ends, but the tenacity to just go with the flow paid off.  I must say, anyone we stopped to ask for help - helped us. 

The customer service is okay but this is what we had to do

At United we collected the documents

Then we had to find the veterinarian

We found customs who helped us on where to go which was to Lufthansa Cargo

We go to Lufthansa Cargo and collect paperwork and then go to the veternarian to clear their office

The vet wanted originals so we go back to Lufthansa to retrieve the originals and then go back to the vet

The staff at the vet office shuffled through the paperwork, filled out forms and then said
"You may sit outside and when I am ready for you I will bang on the wall"

So we waited outside and the moment I heard the bang on the wall I go back in and paid a fee and then back to Lufthansa

Lufthansa shuffled through their paperwork and gave us directions to Customs to clear their office

We walked to Customs they shuffled through the paperwork and send us back to Lufthansa

We walk back to Lufthansa - filled out more paperwork and the new guy being trained takes the fees we had to pay there and gives us the paperwork to take to the Animal Lounge where we could retrieve the puggies.

Ed and I were too consumed with all the steps we had to take to.  And we got a little frustrated too because the directions from the airlines didn't exactly put us on the right track which resulted in needless run arounds.  We just didn't take photos of that misery.

So now to the happy happy reunion.

'Awww look at the puggies.


The whole van shook when I took the puggies out of their kennels to hug them.  The following photos are not clear because everyone was emotional even the photographer.

Okay here is a calm photo.

Blog Buddies - my heart goes out to all of you who wished the puggies a safe trip to Germany.  It was indeed a long wait, a long journey, and a long process just to get them out of cargo.  It simply was worth it.  They are with us now safely from their Guam family to their Guam family living in Germany.

Until next time I leave you this prelude to Shady taking over the next blog.



  1. Yay!!!I am so happy they arrived safely, & are back with their family :)

  2. I am so, so, so, so, so HAPPY for you that your babies are now home!! Yay!
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Puggums

    Pee-S: The puggums send their wiggle-waggle's to MA-kytah and Shady!!

  3. Oh, I am SO relieved they arrived safely. This type of travel makes me so very nervous!!!

  4. Squeeeeee they have arrived!!! WHAT A PRODUCTION BY THE AIRLINE! shesh! but all worth it, every step!

    Can't wait to follow the upcoming posts of life in Germany!

  5. So happy they arrived safe and sound

  6. So glad you have your babies back I am sure that all the hoops you had to jump thru were frustrating but it is worth it in the end. I could not wait for you to update about their arrival.