Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flight Delay

I had this all ready for our two hour drive to Frankfurt this morning.  It is everything we needed to retrieve the puggies and we got word from Lil that the flight schedule just updated and the puggies will now arrive tomorrow.

Needless to say this was disturbing news because the puggies have been in transit for three days now.

So on with the blog.  What to blog when I had today's blog set to share the arrival of the puggies in Germany.

Okay how about I write about our shopping in Kaiserslautern?

These sons of mine loved it.

This is rare.......graffiti on the wall?

Errrrr ummmm that's all the photos I took because I went crazy shopping too.

Next to blog are photos I want to share from Kin's iPhone:

This is a photo Kin took of Zach at the airport in Korea on our way over here.  The pain of leaving friends.  I'm thankful for wi-fi at the airport though because the 7 hour delay we had there didn't even feel like 7 hours when you are skype-ing with friends and family back home.

Check out MA-kytah asleep amongst Kin's weights.

Shady fell asleep while Kin was on the computer.  Shady looks scare here.

Until next time by blog buddies.  I leave you this photo from Kin's iPhone of the beautiful sunset on the shores of Hagatna Bay.........Guam.


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