Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stair Stairs and more Stairs

Hello Blog Buddies.  MA-kytah here to do today's blog because today was my day to learn about stairs.  Shady for goodness sakes keep still for the photo.

Ohhhhh I already feel my pug self shake at the sight of stairs.

There ------I did one.

 I, I, I, I, can, can, can, can, do, do, do, do, this, this, this, this

 Well now isn't Shady just a show off.

PSST..........Wanna see me and Shady overcome Mr. Ed?  He's no pack leader ha ha ha.

Look at me be the Pack Leader.  Mr. Ed wanted to go forward..........but I wanted to go back and sniff sniff sniff.

Oh BOOO!  Ms. Karen told Ed to be a pack leader.  She told him all about Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer.

Our daily walk will consist of going down 7 flights of stairs and up a hill.

In fact it's such a steep hill that we took a break at the first flight of stairs Mr. Ed trained me to climb and then go down on.

There is this big tree next to them stairs we trained on and we will be passing this tree every day.  Ms. Karen shares this pic of the tree in the winter time. 

Okay so we walk and walk and walk and come upon another flight of stairs for Mr. Ed to train me on.  Look at him be a pack leader.  Mr. Ed - you're my hero.

Wait, wait - I see something.

 Oh splendid!!! I did it.

Okay - Here is the grand finale on our morning walk.  All them stairs to get to our apartment.

I kid you not - that was some training today.  Shady and I were so thirsty from our walk.  We have foam bowls now because our little Princess Bowls were packed up and they are on its way.  Foam bowls will do for now.

Miss Karen fed us a nice warm breakfast and then I parked my little Pug Self and conked out.

Miss Karen said that she knows when I'm pug pooped because when I fall asleep I always kick out my back left leg.  


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