Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thrift Shop Finds

 Hello Blog Buddies.  YYYYYaawwwnnnnn.  It's me Shady trying to get use to this weather.

Okay Okay............Here I am.  Oh Lookey.  While we were traveling to Germany and as Miss Karen was waiting for us she found this beautiful colorful yarn in Spangdahlem and she crocheted us new neck warmers.

Yep - Miss Karen does not have any of her craft tools, equipment etc. but she did bring her crochet hooks.

She also has been visiting the thrift shops around her new area and look at what she found.

Miss Karen thought and thought and thought about what to do with her thrift shop find and take a look at her work table.

She used these tools.

And started making these little ornaments just the perfect sizes to fit the little nooks of the shadow box.

Oh Lookey - MA-kytah is sitting on another neat thrift shop find

Miss Karen fell in love with the carving on the back of the chair.

And she avsolutely loved the seat.  She said there is plenty of ventilation on this chair.

And it fits nicely beneath Miss Karen's work station.

She also found these neat frames and painted some pugs and framed it.  Aren't they just lovely?

Miss Karen also found these stained glass ornaments and she has them hanging in her kitchen window.

Well that's it for now on the Thrift Shop Finds.  There will be more to come.  In the meantime I'm going to tuck myself back under Miss Karen's scarf and stay warm.


  1. If you go to the town of Bitburg, you'll find really cool stores and of course your wonderful niece use to live there!!!

  2. Hey Jen - Uncle Eddie already plugged Bitburg in the Tom Tom and we are heading there this weekend Yippeeeeeee