Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Oh Me Oh My!
We received the
from our pals @ The Slimmer Pugs

Receiving an award is indeed an honor and we are so grateful to
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, Mimi and their momma Mindy for this award.


 In order for us to accept this award, we have to pass it on to 10 other bloggers who bring us fun, love, laughs, and furiendship!

1. .....And She Wore Patchouli is a blog we began following because of the title of one of Amie's blogs "Adventures of a Soda Junkie." But we were directed to her Blog via her Etsy Shop "Little Sage Creations."

2.  Urban Hounds is packed full of information about pets pets pets.  We got our pet basket for bikes just from reading this blog.  We just tried one of their recipes recently "Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches for Hounds" and my puggies love it.

3.  Gollywobbles is a blog of color, imagination, and art.  I love to read Sam's blog and she is always sharing information about other blogs that inspires you to be creative.

4.  Pug Goes My Heart  this blog is in, I believe German but there are some English in it that I always read and then figure out what the blog is about.  The photos in the blog is absolutely stunning.  I know the pug's name is Mathilde and their location is in Switzerland.

5.  Purs N Snorts is a fun blog where Liss lives with her three cats and her pug.  She always themes her daily blogs like Mancat Monday, Tuesday Reviews, Wordless Wednesday, Favorite Things Thursday etc. 

6.  Beefy Pug Bruce and Daisy always always hopes their readers are having a great the end of their blog.  We love looking at their photos and all the expressions of pugs captured.  Absolutely lovely blogs.

7.  Proudest Pug  blog inspires us to be active and the blog is all about the adventures of Izzie and the many ribbons this pug has received.  Awesome blog.

8. Crabby Gabby is a blog by a doll artist who was inspired by her grandmother to sew.  Crabby Gabby dolls are amazing.

9.  Sunshine and Mudpuddles is a blog about Clover and Chewy who are from Canada.

10.  The Polka Dot Pixie a blog on the works and creations of a wonderful paper clay artist.



  1. Congratulations! We definitely think you are pawesome!

  2. Thanks for passing it on, & congrats to you!