Thursday, January 12, 2012

Throw It Together Thursday

Hello and Happy Thursday.

The pugs are adjusting well to our new home.  Although...........I had MA-kytah sleep with Kin last night because her snoring kept me up the other night.

Besides, I have slept alone for almost five years unless Ed is home on leave so I'm used to being alone, having the bed to myself, six pillows, it's dark and it's QUIET!

Having Ed snore on my left and then MA-kytah snoring to my right - well I didn't get a good night's rest. 

Well the guys were craving for some home cooking and one of the meals I "threw together" was yummy yummy


Then Ed and I tried to hit my brother's recipe for


Nothing like home cooking Island Style.

I have found a fascination with working with clay.
Woo Hoo look at all the puggies

Wanna know a secret?

My husband Ed can sketch.

The problem is that he is too shy to strut this talent.

What do you think?


  1. Wow, Ed's got talent!! Great drawing!

  2. hi karen and ed!
    what a delicious post for the eyes and tummies!
    i love ed's pug drawing, your clay creations and your recipes!

    i bet your new home smells wonderful!

    i am so happy for all of you and so glad the puggies arrived safely and are comfortable snoring in their new home!

    m & a

  3. Melissa & Archie - Thank you for the comment. One of the major things I had to get used to in our new home is cooking on an electric stove. I have used gas for over 25 years. Needless to say I have overcooked many meals before getting it right with the pancit and fried rice. PUG HUGS to you.

  4. Hello Finn. Thank you for the comment. Oh what I can do with his drawings............It's just overloading my mind. PUG HUGS to you.