Monday, January 9, 2012

Where is All The Green I Ask

Hello Blog Buddies of Miss Karen.  It's me Shady and I am dumbfounded..............truly dumbfounded.

AND...............MA-kytah felt the same way too!

Where are the Banana trees?
And where are the Palm trees and Mango tree that Uncle Frank planted?
Where is PAPA's taro patch?
Where is the Lemon tree that grew out of Miss Karen's compost pile?
Where is the blue sky?
Where is the sun?
By golly where is the tropical warmth?

So this is what Miss Karen was talking about moving to Germany.  Oh well.  Right now we are PUG POOPED out from all that traveling we did in a kennel.  We got to our new home and as you can see we are still on Guam time.  Miss Karen said that she, Zach, and Kin looked just like us when they were adjusting to Germany time.  I mean look at us.

We were so happy to see Zach and Kin and they hugged us and all but then they went to doing what they do on Guam
How can they adore FIFA more than MA-kytah and her Puggy eyes.

Oh well - we spent our first night in Germany lounging with Miss Karen.  We sure did miss her terribly.

More to come!!!  PUG HUGS TO ALL.


  1. Hi Shady, glad to see that you are back with your mum, safe and sound. It's going to be a bit strange for you for a while, the weather is going to be the biggest change, keep warm and dry. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Germany. Lots of love, Nicky xx

  2. You'll get used to it soon!!! Glad to see you both back in your mama's arms!