Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Goes On Between Point A and Point B

With such a fast paced lifestyle, many times, I drive to work and then I drive home. Do you ever give any thought about what happens through the duration of getting from Point A to Point B? Starting with the drive home from work yesterday I used my camera and my BB for a pictorial story of getting from Point A to Point B in an attempt to get home(Point B) after work (Point A).

Stuck in traffic at a stand still going up airport road. Instead of wondering when we were going to get moving again.......

I often look at my rear view mirror while driving but sitting in traffic I take note that my mirror's compass indicates that I was heading East on the island. WOW WOW Wee
Ahhh, the radio. Very annoying between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. because every channel is drowned with radio advertisements. Come on businesses - drive time traffic is miserable. Play more music. We need to unwind and cope with the traffic and music makes the journey that more bearable.

I'm still sitting in this non-moving lane of traffic when I decided to look at what pics I had in my BB. This one was when I took a trip with my sisters and our mom to Saipan for a weekend getaway. What joy that was and fun memories.

The traffic did move and I inched my way to the soccer field where my 15 year old was practicing. I had to wait a good 1/2 hour before practice was over.

So I use this free time to do a little snipping of a Sit Pug Sit piece I'm putting together:

When I was done with snipping I caught up on some reading of the latest book that I am.....well - reading. My granddaughter is doing a term paper on Sam Walton. The founder of Wal-Mart. I can't wait to share with my granddaughter that Hillary Rodham Clinton served on the Board of Directors for Wal-Mart after Sam Walton personally asked her to sit on his Board. She resigned when Bill Clinton ran for president.

Alas practice was over and we went home, had a nice warm meal, did some homework and I finished this piece made from a blouse that went into the Pug It pile back in the summer.

And here it is today - a new day. Before getting on the road again I just had to take a pic of Kin in his ROTC uniform.

Look at all them ribbons.

I drop my sons to the bus stop which is about a 5 minute drive from home. On my way back the 5 minute drive took almost 15 minutes because I was following the dump truck.

Kudos to the Department of Public Works for transferring our waste in a timely manner.

Isn't this a beautiful purse? It's a Dooney & Burke and I love its warm color and style.

Well.............some time during last night - this cute ebony loving pug of mine, Shady

did this to my prized purse.

I was very very very angry with Shady, but it was my fault for leaving it within her reach.

Anyway, until next time my Blog Buddies, I leave you with this pic of traveling from home this morning (Point A) to work (Point B). Traffic was not so bad.


Karen, the Pug Artist From Guam


  1. Hi
    I am Tweedles and I found you at Melissa and Emmitts. I wanted to let you know that I visited all your bloggys,,,,, and you made me smile today, and I thank you for that.

  2. hi karen!
    oh my gosh! i love your new doll and your doll baby shady!

    m & e