Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Tulip Slick..............I use this product to apply the details of paws and wrinkles on my PUG dolls and pillows:

Doing the paws of a Sit PUG Sit piece:Doing the forehead wrinkles of a NO EVIL Pug doll:

Despite putting in a full day at work; transporting my son to and from summer reading sessions; ensuring my granddaughter has a ride to her cheerleading practice; making a run to the mall to pick up some slippers for my ever growing 15 year old; and squeezing in my Passion for Pugs - the point is, I make the time to do something to get my designs finished.

Although appearing bored...........here is Max watching me and waiting for his feeding:

And here is Kin - just lounging around with Shady So until tomorrow my Blog Buddies, I leave you with pics from my album. Annually, we attend the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. My, my look at how much my sons have grown through the years:

ACS-Guam Chapter Relay For Life 2003:

ACS-Guam Chapter Relay For Life 2005:

ACS-Guam Chapter Relay For Life 2007:

ACS-Guam Chapter Relay For Life 2010:


The Pug Artist From Guam,


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  1. Hello!!

    We just can from Melissa and Emmitts bloggy and saw your Wonderful Doll you made!! The Mer-Pug!! It is so precious!!

    We like the bloggy photos too!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin