Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday I had a delightful time at a family runion held at the Marriott Resort & Spa:

My mother in law is Josefina Laguana Cruz. She married my father-in-law and became Josefina Cruz Cruz. In Guam, Cruz is a very common name. Anyway, it was my mother-in-law's mother's family reuinion and what a huge family. I represented my husband and here are pics of me and my in-laws.

My sister-in-law Mart and her husband Benny:

My sister-in-law Bobbi and her husband Ray:

My sister-in-law Bernie and her husband Joey:

My brother-in-law Joe and his wife Julie:

After socializing and posing for group pics I headed home and bagged my two hours of cutting patterns. As mentioned yesterday, I attacked pieces from the "PUG IT" pile. Here is a beige pair of slacks I don't fit anymore because I lost so much weight with patterns situated:
Then I took a break to roll out tortillas for the 4th of July dinner at my sister's home. My niece Dorthea Rose helped me roll:

After dinner, I rushed home to beat my commitment to finish my 2-hour pattern cutting and WHALLA..............8 pieces ready to go through the sewing machine. You see here designs I entitle "PUGGA-PUG" (the long pieces) and "PUGGLES" ornaments and they were cut from a pair of slacks, a pair of knickers, and a blouse that were contained in the "PUG IT" pile.

Until tomorrow my Blog Buddies. I leave you with this pic. Did you notice all my in-laws were wearing red? Well that represented one branch of the Laguana clan. Nobody told me I was suppose to wear red and I wore a comfortable green blouse. When it came time for the green clan to have a group photo, my in-laws were ROFL at me because I went up there and everyone was wondering who the heck I was. I did it for fun and my in-laws absolutely got a kick out of my spirit to be involved.

The Pug Artist from Guam

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