Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ohhhh my right arm hurts. It's from the punches I got from my 15 year old because he saw a yellow car first. I didn't realize how many yellow cars there are on the road (to include Toyota's). Anyway, when I have to put on my "daddy" hat I attempt to do what Zach and Kin's dad would do when he is here. Lately it's a punch in the arm when a yellow car is seen. Needless to say I pay attention to my driving but still I'm in the game; however, they must not full fledge punch my arm when I'm driving but still my boys are growing and at times they don't even know their own strength..........(sighing)

Today's blog is about CRAZY DAY FRIDAYS in the life of a solo parent, pug artist, career woman, and keep it together mom.

This is Day 4 in Blog World and I'm amazed at how I can do it. I'm like in NIKE mode "JUST DO IT."

This is my gets me to and from work, it takes my 15 year old to summer school and it picks him up too, it got us to a lunch date at Chili's and it allowed me to drop my 15 year old home. Then it took me back to work and after work it took me home:

These are my best friends in the kitchen. It gives me the strength and power to put good meals on the table for dinner. When I started my journey as solo parent it was fast foods and take outs. Ed, my Army husband before he was a soldier, was the sole chef in the house. When he left the structure of healthy meals literally fell apart. Snap - we couldn't even get trash days right.

Each night when I lay me down to sleep I always work on a pug. So last night I worked on a design. Here is the content of my night stand:

And here is the set up of my side of the bed. My purple clip lamp for me to work on my art. Last night I worked on "PUGS N POLKA DOTS"

Got me a good night's sleep and it is now Saturday on Guam. Somehow between house cleaning, weekly bathing of Max, Shady, and Abby, Kin and Kylie's basketball game, the presentation of a Tacoma to I-Recycle Guam, lunch, dinner, and calling hubby in Korea I intend to finish this batch:

I Dare myself that I can................ (wink wink)

Until tomorrow my blog buddies I share this pic of cute notes my boys left me this week. I love how we keep our communication solid.

The Pug Artists from Guam

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  1. good morning karen!
    oh what a wonderful way to start my day by reading about and seeing yours!
    your new pug dolls are just amazing!
    each one is amde with love and it shows through in every detail!