Monday, July 5, 2010


Coming out of a three day weekend I must say that I did accomplish a lot and it's amazing documenting everything through my Blog. Today makes it one week of Blogging and WOW! It takes great balancing to make it happen in my life. Between basketball games, family reunions, the home front duties and responsibilities, transporation specialist.............WOW! And the challenge is squeezing in my PUG PASSION throughout the whole process.

I must allocate quality time to these three little guys. And this I did as I sipped my StarBucks yesterday morning. They are the "No Evil" set. Pain staking work but I just love how it comes together.

Walked the dogs, fed them, cleaned the floors, set out my attire for the following work week and then I set this out to process and cut patterns:

And so I did. I got about 30 pug ears and 8 dolls out of a full size bed black dust cover I found at the Salvation Army and a dress that was in the PUG IT pile:

Here are some more pillows and dolls I cut from a love seat cover I picked up at the flea market for $10.00. Beautiful fabric that would have costed maybe $30.00 a yard at a fabric store in Guam. Oh.....and there is another piece for PUGS N POLKA DOTS. That was a blouse that I used only once and it landed in the PUG IT pile.

Do you know how else I RE-USE? I like to collect old necklaces and use the beads to detail my Pug Snouts:

Kin and Kylie had a basketball game - so I had to take time out from my art to attend:

And that's about how my day off went yesterday. Pretty cut and dry and back to work. Until tomorrow my Blog Buddies, I leave you with this pic of "It's Almost Done" pieces that should be ready by the end of this week. Aren't they looking fabulous?

The Pug Artist from Guam

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  1. hi karen!
    oh my gosh!
    i love all of the dolls!
    it is so fun to see them come to life!
    i am so happy that you are having so much fun making them!
    your pug production line and fabric finds are beyond magical!