Saturday, July 3, 2010



My attempt to finish this batch today proved unsuccessful. (sad face):

But I did get to paint.

Painting is done on Saturday's. One - because I have the time and Two - because sun drying what I paint is when I set them on the Camry to dry:

The pets were bathed by Zach and Kin. Here is Shady getting a treat for being cooperative during her bath:

Then it was time to hit the road:
ZOOM: Had to attend a presentation of a Tacoma to IRecycle Guam:

These are about 1/4 of the people I spend my work day with:

ZOOM: Then we went to Matapang Beach to pick up Kin and his friend because they had a basketball game. Oh BTW this was my photographer at the Tacoma presentation. My 16 year old Zach:
After picking up the basketball players who spent all morning skimming the shores of Tumon Bay we traveled to the University of Guam Fieldhouse for the game
The other team didn't show up so we won by forfieture. I did get a few cute action shots though

ZOOM: On the way home, I had Zach take the pre-test for his driver's license.

And while we waited for him I saw a parachute sky diver (wow this must be fun):

And then Kin took this neat pic with my Canon (he is so creative):

So, other than painting snouts and sewing beads onto dolls - I did enjoy my Saturday.

Today as I post this Blog it is the 4th of July and it is Sunday. Sunday and Monday's I allot at least 2 hours to cutting patterns. And oh yes.....I pulled these from the PUG IT pile to rid into a cute Pug doll or Pug pillow.

Until tomorrow my Blog Buddies I end this entry today with this pic of my daughter, my right hand savior, my agent, and my friend. Without her I simply can't get Zach, Kin, Kylie and Tammy everywhere they need to go. I love you Lil:

The Pug Artist from Guam


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  1. hi karen!
    oh what a fabulous post!
    your art and family make me smile!
    thank you so much for sharing them with the world!