Wednesday, June 30, 2010


REDUCE: When I get the urge to put a pug design in my mind onto paper I grab paper that is going to be tossed away:

REUSE: This is computer paper. We have stacks and stacks of these at work. Oh lookey, purple must be my favorite color. Purple pen, purple scissors.

Folding, drawing, snipping, cutting and a BlackBerry:

This is a pug doll I am designing entitled PUGlette:

RECYCLE: I have lots and lots of clothes. I'm a fashion freak, sometimes I would wear an outfit only one time and it would hang in the closet.

Well I did Spring cleaning in June and anything beige or striped, tan or plaid, I placed on the "PUG IT" pile. Yep, most folks have a "TO KEEP" pile and a "TO TOSS" pile. I have those too and of course my "PUG IT" pile. You wouldn't believe how many pug ears I can cut from a size 6 pair of slacks I wore only one time. Next time I'll keep count. In the meantime here is PUGlette in the making from a beige striped two piece suit that went into the "PUG IT" pile. I cut 4 dolls using 9 pattern pieces. Only got 4 because the stripes on this outfit was difficult to even out. These I cut while that electric pressure cooker was cooking our dinner.

REMEMBER I just remembered that I promised my dear friend in Colorado, Melissa, a pic of how her lovely pug pillows my children gave me for Mother's Day are sitting smartly in the new Toyota 4Runner I bought for my son. Melissa they are lovely:

Melissa has a website that I love to visit. Check it out at

Until tomorrow my Blog Buddies - I end this post with this pic of Max with one of the "No Evil" dolls:
The Pug Artist From Guam


  1. hi karen!
    oh my gosh!
    i love the story about where you get your pug fabric! you are an amazing artist that always inspires me!
    i am so thrilled you love your pillows. they look fabulous in your rav 4!
    this post made my whole day!
    melissa and emmitt

  2. Karen,

    You're work is amazing and I love that you gave a look inside the process!! I am so glad Melissa introduced me to your pugs! They are so adorable and I can't wait to own one!!!


    Jess & Lilo

  3. It is great to recycle!!!! Making something wonderful and helping reduce waste!


  4. Melissa..........I was tickled when you acknowledged that your pillows look good in the RAV4 which is a mid-size SUV. We have the all new 2011 full size SUV 4Runner. 4-cylinder too which is proper for this small island. The RAV4 is an excellent vehicle too but When I'm at the wheel of the 4Runner I love the third row seat where we can take Max, Shady and Abby along on trips. They love it back there. I'm still waiting for one more pillow that Zach is suppose to order. He's my 16 year old. Always giving me my gift thereafter. Can't wait to get it.