Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today is day one in my adventure into the blog world. Kind of like a working diary of my passion for pugs and how I create them. Although there is a long step by step process towards a creation before getting to this table:

I share a sneak peek for what will be coming out in July 2010.

At the moment I make my pug creations available through eBay; however, I am exploring other avenues like my own website and Etsy.

I dedicate Paddywak Pugs to the pugs I have had the love and pleasure of owning:

Alphie and Shade - Pugs I owned when living in Alabama

Kiko - A male fawn pug who was with me for a short time

Max and Shady who are my inspiration to the whimsical and fun designs that I am creating today:

The Pug Artist from Guam


  1. hi karen!
    i am so excited about your new blog!

    your new pug line looks wonderful being created!

    i cannot wait to see them all in july!

    m & e

  2. Hi Karen, I'm also excited to see your creations in the making. I can see something there that I would really love. Looking forward to seeing the finished items . thanks for sharing with us, Nicky xx