Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday's always begin early for me because of the weekly sales training at work.  The team takes turn in doing ice-breakers and I really enjoyed the activity today.  We had to dance and then do the limbo.  I bowed out of the limbo because I was wearing a dress ha ha ha.

There was also a part 2 to an ice-breaker we did at the beginning of January.  We were given a roster of the sales team and the managers.  Next to each name we had to write something positive about the person.  I had no problem doing my task of writing good things about everyone especially since I knew everyone.  Anyway, the positive comments were compiled for each of us and I was deeply touched with all the positive things my colleagues had to say about me.  I'm a great listener, tender hearted, understanding, sweet, nice, dedicated, easy to approach, loyal, friendly, unique dress code, guiding star, and protects interest.  WOW.  I have and always will cherish the fine folks at Atkins Kroll.  They truly are a team of professionals who are passionate about what they do.

Okay - enough of work............look at how my Patrice Pug pieces are turning out.  I added the designer pug snout last night and trying to do something different with the ears.



Here is a pair of pugs I designed and I continue to add details to:

This set sits on my chest below the flat screen.  I'll post a pic of the pug decor later.

Until the next time I blog - I throw out massive pug hugs to all.


The Pug Artist from Guam

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh karen!
    my heart just leaped at your new pug designs!
    will you let em know if you decide to sell any of them?
    oh i just adore them!

    i also love the first part of your post! yes, sweetie you are all of those things and much much more. you touch so many people.