Thursday, February 2, 2012

Totally Hand Sewn

You may have read that I am getting really really frustrated not having my sewing machine and to ease the frustration I let my hands do the sewing.  It takes a little longer to get the pieces sewn together but the satisfaction to create is Oh So Wonderful.

Here is what I have been creating this week.

Not sure what I want to name this creation.  It is just a pug I see brewing in my head.  Isn't the color combination so together.

Since living in Germany I have gotten into the habit of recycling:  cans, paper, cardboard, glass bottles.  It's a must to recycle here.  Remember back in Guam how I recycled dryer sheets?  Well here the dryer sheets pile up fast because unlike Guam we do not hang clothes outside.  I love how the paint is absorbed by the sheets on the pug faces of the dolls 

All them beads I bought in Hong Kong - are one its way so in the meantime I used 3D paint to line the pug face.

 Group Dry  Group Dry

As the details dry I start another set of dolls using dryer sheets using an old magazine to cut my pattern.

Eyeballs, hind legs, and legs

 That's all that's happening on the Table Folks.  Until next time I leave you this pic of what made my day today.  Chatting with relatives around the world.  Sis in Kwajelein, Niece in Oregon, Sis in Alaska and to the in Germany.


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