Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Sooner

Gee!  No sooner did me and the boys get here to Germany.............we receive official word that my husband's unit is closing its doors come October 2012.

Gee!  No sooner will our household goods arrive in a couple of weeks and we are going to have to pack it up again for another move.

Gee! and because our household goods are not here yet I just couldn't go on with life without a sewing machine.
Sooooo WHALLA:

Yippee!!!  Boy oh boy was I a happy camper.  I was so deprived of operating a sewing maching I spent the next day after the purchase sewing and sewing.

I visited a little cute fabric store in town several weeks ago and I just choked at the price for fabric here.  So my love for recycling kicked in.  Guess what I attacked?  Okay here is the story.  We are from Guam.  Hot, tropical humid weather year around.  With regards to bed linen, well, we are pretty much a fitted sheet pillow cased light blanket fam bam.  We don't favor the flat sheet that comes when you purchase a bed linen set.  So I attacked all flat sheets I had in this big ol apartment. 

Now I know I am out of "season" but the Halloween bug is within me and I am working diligently on a witch and wizard set.
Aren't they gorgeous?

And because I'm such a "waste not what not" type of artist I certainly had a blast creating this little creature:
It's a Bat Pug.  OMG it is so real.  Now don't be alarmed my pug loving audience.  This critter was inspired by this gal:

Yep - Shady.  Once upon a time she got into one of the boys' cheeseburger and had a drop of ketchup on her puggy mouth.

So Bat Pug does not suck blood, it lurks the home for ketchup.

Okay I shall now return back to PUG HALLOW for more Halloweeny pug creatures and what nots.

In the meantime I leave you with this pic of MA-kytah bathing in the scarce rays of the sun.



  1. Oh wow, another move! Well you will have the best traveled pugs in the blog-o-sphere

    1. Yep - another move. Sadly United will be charging double to fly pets beginning in March. Sadly United is contracted by the government of which this will impact many many many military families who may not afford this and sadly beyong their control.

  2. That's crazy!!!! Where to next? Hope it doesn't mean flying Pugs again! Love the new "sheet" creations!

    1. Crazy it is. At this point we are insisting that we stay for the sake of the teens who I already yanked out of school once this school year and to do it again in the same school year is beyond suffering i my opinion.

  3. hi karen!
    oh what an adventurous year you are having!

    your wizards and bats are beyond fabulous!
    we cannot wait to see what other magic you are creating and get one of each!