Sunday, May 27, 2012


Yesterday was a beautiful day to spend with lots and lots of pugs at the Mopstreffen 2012.

I posted lots of pics on my Facebook page here
Take a look.

Now those pics were from one camera.  Below are pics from the other camera we took beginning with the launch of our trip.  To the check off list we go.


Pug Lover..............CHECK

Oh wait a minute..............why are they looking at me like that?

SNAP!!!!!  We forgot to feed them.  Just as we were out of the Baumholder city limits we had to turn around and go up 7 flights of stairs because Pug Lover forgot to feed the pugs.
I was too excited to get to this event.

So off we go again.  Round two in getting to the Pug Fest.
Our Tom Tom took us through winding roads and little towns and less than an hour of driving and those sweet words I love hearing Tom Tom say:
"You have reached your destination:

We found us a parking and carried our gear up a little hill.
 Well........Ed carried the gear while I had the pugs.

OMG the minute we came upon the venue there were pugs everywhere.
Look at this brindle Pug.  Oh Wow.

We have never let the pugs run free...........ever.  So we were amazed that this pug was running freely and about.

MA-kytah was overwhelmed with seeing so many pugs that she didn't give a hoot that this little guy was sniffing her out.

The venue was surrounded by trees and it was such a beautiful day.

I finally brought myself to let MA-kytah and Shady off the leash and off they went.  MA-kytah explored the little pool sections where Pug Lovers could cool their Pugs down.

While Shady, being the social butterfly that she is stood at the entrance of the venue Pug greeting newcomers.  That Shady girl.

She made lots and lots of friends.  

She even jumped upon tables that people were sitting at just so she could socialize

When folks began eating their lunch we had to leash Shady because we didn't want her to jump onto tables while people were nourishing themselves.

We managed to grab them to get a group pic to document our presence at the Pug Meet.
Ed and our fur babies.

Me and our fur babies.

Then Shady took off to socialize again but MA-kytah stuck around for more group pics.

All in all the day was all about being among Pug Lovers both the human kind and the furry kind.

In closing I leave you with this pic of the lady who informed me of Mopstreffen 2012.
Facebook and Blogger brought us together and we had a wonderful time indeed.
Thank you Christina.


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  1. How cool and the dresss are precious, I love the pink stripes

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