Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All of April

In my last post I expressed frustration on how long it was taking for my household goods to arrive.................then it arrived.  It's been almost 25 years since I last unpacked such a huge load.  But it's done and everything is situated and this apartment is cozy and our temporary pug palace.

I'm pleased that we will be staying in Baumholder afterall.  Geez for awhile there we were in a state of uncertainty.  Should we unpack everything or just unpack what we need?  Well when we got news that we would be staying I was so relieved.

Since my last blog we have traveled to two places.  On April 7th we traveled to Holland to visit the Keukenhof Gardens.  OMG we couldn't have picked a better day to visit the Gardens than on the day of the Tulip Festival.  There were so many tour buses and us:

When we got through the entrance I was so amazed at all the tulips and springtime bulbs.  Whew there were so many

I couldn't resist the petting zoo within the Gardens and that there little calf couldn't resist the faux flower on my step ins.
The calf kept nibbling at the flower on my shoe.

After the Keukenhof Garden we went on to the wooden shoe and cheese factory:

Look at all the Cheese!

I tasted all the cheese they offered.

And it made me thirsty thereafter.

Our trip to Holland was indeed a pleasant one.  The flowers, the wooden shoes, the cheese and of course we did see a windmill:

As Ed and I are touring Europe - so are our sons.
Zach traveled to England for his senior trip

Kin also traveled to England for a soccer tournament:

Kin was too fired up to take pictures in England; however, they did win the soccer game.  On the bus ride back from England he did take this pic of the sky just before leaving England.

That's it for now blog buddies.  Until next time I leave you this photo of the pugs.  They are absolutely dumbfounded whenever we leave on a trip.  



  1. Look at all those tulips! I always wanted a pair of wooden shoes! Looked like fun!

  2. Glad to see you are back!

    urban hound

  3. oh how fun karen!

    i love seeing all of your adventures!

    you are a fabulous tour guide!