Thursday, March 29, 2012


For the last seven days I felt like I was spiraling downward into complete frustration.  It's been three months now since my household goods were packed out for Germany.  Three months!!!  Well I didn't want to spiral so I took out my scissors and cut out six pug bunnies.  During the 5 hour bus ride to Paris a couple of weeks ago I hand sew the bunnies.

Then it was clipping curves and stuffing (not in Paris but in Germany when we returned from the trip):

Outline and paint the faces:

Selected body color and painted it on:

Set the pieces on the window shelf to dry.

I failed to take photos of the next step of creating these little cuties but here are the finished Pug Bunnies available in my

Woo Hoo - so much color.  I honestly can say that this brought ease to the frustration of this long wait for the arrival on my household goods.

But..........then I received the email.  Sweet Joy!!!!  All my stuff will be delivered next week. 



  1. Oh wow, those are just beautiful! You are so talented!

  2. hi karen!
    oh that is fabulous news!
    i LOVE your bunnies!
    i feel so lucky to have one!

  3. Wow those are beautiful. You know what Mum saids... She is too scared to go to your etsy shop... something abouts spending all her money and being broke if she went theres. She saids something about buying out the complete stock.