Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make it Fun with No Sun

I think I am feeling the winter blues.  No sun for two whole weeks has caused me to feel so down in the dumps.  I need to take some supplements or something.  My Guam skin color has faded.

Oh well - to battle the blues I put color in my life everyday in February and boldly created Halloween Pugs.
Witches and Wizards; Bats and Boots.  It was indeed grueling work but the work kicked the blues right out on the streets.

Let's take a closer look at Pug Wizard:
 Intense Reds, Purples, Greens, Yellows.  I just had to give this Pug Wizard a whimsical beard.

Watch out!!! He'll cast a spell on ya with his Pug Wizard Wand.

Got to have a Halloween Pug Witch.
 And she is a friendly Pug Witch I might add.
She doesn't fly on a broom but totes a cute little Pug Pumpkin.

Oh lookey!!! Pugs popping out of a witch Boot


I do admit that them there curves were not curving when I sewed it with the sewing machine.   Had to hand sew them myself to keep the integrity of a curvy witchy pug boot.

When Halloween comes this year I can't wait to hang all the Pug Bats..........upside down that is.

 Do keep in mind now that the redness dripping from the bat fangs is in fact ketchup tee hee hee.

Little Pug Bat paw claws wanting to cling onto something.

That's it for now on the Halloween Pugginess.  I'll be listing this collection in my Etsy shop later today.



  1. oh my gosh karen!
    i LOVE them!
    i MUST have one!!!
    I cannot wait till later today when they are in the shop!

    1. Grrrr my sons and I are so frustrated with the internet speed here. But then again I did see a commercial on AFN that the services between March 3rd and March 12 would be disrupted because of the satellite alignment with the sun or something like that. Just uploading the pics to Etsy was dragging that I fell asleep. Will try again today. PUG HUGS.

  2. we likes the wizard wand! but they are all really goods. Oh how I knows how you feel. Living here on the west coast of canada we gets lots of rain. We can go weeks with gray and rain and no sun and that is no lie! In the past 3 weeks we have had maybe only 4 days of suns! Mum hates it but Dad doesn't minds as he lived here all his life he is so used to its.


    1. Oh Winston I am so glad you feel my pain for some rays. But the sun did come out yesterday and me, Shady and MA-kytah walked a long time and savored it. We even sat in the rays of sun that flowed through the apartment window. Yep we are feeling much better.