Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cross Legged Pug Bunnies Part II

In my last entry we left off with having all the pieces cut out for the Cross Legged Pug Bunnies.

During the next process I got down and pinky.  Then greeny.  Then purpley.  Those were the colors on my hands as I handled the painting of the pieces.

Always by my side was MA-kytah.  Well in this case she stood beneath the table as I snapped away with my Canon.

Next step - painting the PUG sections of each piece.

My biggest challenge (and I am still practicing and practicing) are Pug Eyes.

I shall master this, I shall master this, I shall master this.

Next up the bunny ears and Tulip paint that serves as the 3D-ish replacement for the beads (because my household goods are still not here!!!  and all them beads I got in Hong Kong are on its way)

The last piece to go onto the Pug Bunny is its dress.

I'm doing the final final final touches today and I will share the
2012 Cross Legged Pug Bunny
on our Facebook page HERE

In the meantime - I share this pic of my senior son whom I sure do miss.  He is away for a week in England.  Wow England.


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  1. Very nice, England is lovely I have always wanted to live there