Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cross Legged Pug Bunnies

Isn't this an amazing pic?  It was taken by my granddaughter Tam while we were on ooVoo.  She caught me basking in the sun that flowed through the window.  I so needed this warmth to shine and get some energy back into me.

Whew did the sun rays do wonders.  I was able to list the Witches and Wizards in my Etsy shop.  Oh please check them out here.

I've yet to find a source for stuffing for my dolls.  I have to get this material by purchasing pillows at the Exchange.  The casing.......well you all know me too well to discard of it so I'm cutting away at them to begin the latest Easter inspired pug:

Two Pillow cases garnered:
6 bodies
24 legs
6 faces
6 snouts
Wow Wow Weee 42 pieces.

A 90 minute drive to Ramstein enabled me to hand sew most of the pieces.  This morning I stuffed them and sewed faces, snouts and legs onto the bodies.

I am so excited to see the little critters take on their own characteristics.  I shall share their makings in the days to come.  I also have to cut some patterns to hand sew on our trip to Paris this coming Saturday.  Oh I am so excited about that.

Until then my Blog Buddies - I leave you this photo of a shadow box my son brought home from school.  I love the colors and details.


  1. Sewing in the car, impressive I can barely do my knitting sitting still.

    Thanks for your condolences over Zira

    Urban Hounds

  2. oh my gosh karen!
    everything is so magical!
    the art, photos and family!