Friday, October 8, 2010

The First Week of October 2010

I am amazed at how much time I spend on travel time. Check out the concern look on my face when I was behind the wheel the other day.

I was concerned about this. Do you see it?

Not a relief station in site to take care of my concern. Want a closer look of my concern?

I was running out of gas. HELLO KAREN!!!! Get to a petrol station fast.

Oh great!!! Contruction Construction Construction.

Whew - made it to refueling the Camry and I'm off again to my next destination:

Had to make it to an Executive Board Meeting for GHS Booster Club. This is my team.

In almost every job description there is the requirement to do "Other duties as assigned."

Yep, I'm an executive; however, for safety reasons I got down and trimmed the carpet.

No special training needed to snip snags in the carpet.

Oh darn - got caught tossing the strings down the stairs.

Snip the carpet and then move on into another meeting. This is the GHS Booster Club General Membership Meeting.

I did work on my pugs each night as I lay me down to sleep; however, last night I wanted to attend a play. And so I did. Headed to the University of Guam's Fine Arts Theater to watch "Scapin." Check out the stage.

Zach was so nice to go with me.

And that's about how my week went my dear Blog Buddies. Until next time I leave you with this pic of me trying to do the one arm extended aim and shoot attempt to photograph me and Zach having a blast as we waited for the pla y to begin.

Karen, The Pug Artist From Guam

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