Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

As promised - here is a better photo of my Halloween door at work. My theme "Butterflies Amongst the Pumpkin Patch"

What a lovely sparkly green butterfly.

Nice yellow and black butterfly.

I'll post more pics as the theme is spiced up especially before Halloween.

I love Thursday's at work because I have a team building session with my staff. The whole program is called Heartbeat; however, I add a little more to it.
"How Well Do I Engage with my Team?"
Well.............I do engage with my team but during our session we have to share our hobby or skill that is non-work related. Today I got to share my passion of designing and making pug dolls, pillows and ornaments.

My staff was fascinated with how I do my hobby. And then I let them have it!!!! It was a race!!!
Who can thread a needle the fastest.

The Tense Concentration.

The aggressive concentration.

The determination to aim and focus.

To the VICTOR goes the VICTORY!!!! Anita is the winner.

And then I let them experience working with beads. Nadine with the small tiny tiny tiny beads.

Melissa trying her best.

Arianne and her determination. So admirable.

Anita was sewing away. She did a great job.

Steady, Steady.

It was a good session. But then my staff surprised me with this cupcake cake. Aren't they sweet? It was bosses day and they gave me a cake.

As another posting comes to end I leave you with this pic, my Blog Buddies - the man on the left is my husband. I miss him dearly. Until next time........

Karen, The Pug Artist From Guam


  1. Hi Karen!

    Your Halloween door is so fun!
    The cake looks delicious too!

    Daisy and I hope you have a great weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy

  2. hi karen!
    oh my goodness!
    i wish i worked for you!
    how fun that your share your pug art with everyone!
    i am smiling from ear to ear!
    m & e