Monday, October 4, 2010

Full Day? - That's an UnderStatement

Going into month Number #2 since hubby left to continue his military career - I took it up a notch with my Pug Art. I began with this YingYang Pillow

But then I had to set that aside because Abby, Max and Shady needed to go potty.

HOLD ON GUYS - let me spread out Pug-in-a-Basket first on the couch so his paws could dry better

Then I let em out.........they are so patient


Check out the paws on this potbelly pug. Nope - don't need to rotate this pic. The little rascal is drying upside down.

Oh dear.........more pot bellies on their back.

Max is done and in he goes!!!

Abby is done and in she goes!!!

Shady has been done and she awaits to escort me to............

the pantry for their goody snack.

All that is left to do on my Palaksi Pug are the eyes - I sewed on the last tiny bead on its tail last night.

On the road again to pick up my kiddies at the volleyball game in Andersen.

Ever seen a wall of jungle????

I had only 50% attention from my passenger. He had his iPod earphone on the other ear.

Turned in my 4Runner for service and I had to drive a Toyota Highlander. This model didn't have the radio control buttons on the steering wheel. Yep, it was an inconvenience to reach over to the radio to change the channel.

Tammy with a Sit Pug Sit pillow.

My home was bustling with activity. Dinner, grand kids, teens and with all that going on, I was determined to get started on another


I love painting. It's faster than sewing beads onto the piece I've designed to give it Pazazzzz. Even when I paint and there is a lot of activity going on around me, I always think about wonderful things that went on before this moment. Like.....

Participating in this game with the sales team at work. We got into a line and using our impeccable communication skills, we had to put ourselves in ascending order, by our age. It was great to be shoved to the back because someone was older than I. I always thought me and my colleague here (who is also somehow my cousin) were the same age. But she is slightly ahead of me........slightly (wink wink)

Painting is Peaceful even with a lot of noise

It is indeed a compliment that the dinner I cooked is literally licked clean off the plate. This is my grandson Xavier

See that soccer ball in the air? It has shattered a window and a picture frame. But then you sacrifice material things because your child loves a sport. And you just take the window and picture frame and get it fixed.

I'm still learning how to use my camera.





Okay - So this was my average Monday my dear Blog Buddies. Until next time I share with you this pic of using the zoom lense outside far far away. Can you see the pug beneath the taro leaves?


Karen, The Pug Artist from Guam

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  1. hi karen!
    oh how fun!
    i love seeing your puggies and your pug dolls come to life!
    they are all wonderful!

    m & e