Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I visited one of my Blog Buddies, Melissa & Emmit the other day and she had made this crochet toy for her bird. Then she asked what project we were working on.

Well I was hustling with THIS. It was going onto my office door for the Halloween door competition. They are photos of Halloween in the past at work. I gave it a little touch of raffia and leaves. THAT is what I did.

My office door. Well this was taken with my BlackBerry. I'll take a better photo and post it later. My theme is "Butterflies Amongst the Pumpkin Patch." As Halloween approaches I will be adding more to THIS theme.

Check out THIS bundle of "EYELESS" pugs

THIS is a pic of the buttons I selected to

EYE these pugs and THAT was THAT. For eyes. Still need to add the PUG tags.

THIS is Shady and Max watching me do THIS and THAT

THIS is my favorite part of pug designing and creating.

THAT is a fact.

THAT needle you see is making

THIS. It's almost done.

THIS is Zach. He is looking at

THAT tiny green bug parked on our security door. It was a weird little thing.

THIS is something I received in the mail. It was a Thank You note from a friend. He and is wife thanked me and my sons for attending the funeral of their family member. Handwritten thank you notes are rare these days.
Even Post cards. These were post cards from Ed, my husband who is stationed in Germany. And this ends this blog today. When was the last time you wrote a personal note, letter, thank you card or letter? I'm going to write a letter tomorrow. Until next time my Blog Buddies.


Karen, The Pug Artist From Guam

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  1. oh my gosh karen!
    i love everything you are working on!
    your new pug dolls are beyond fabulous!
    i cannot wait to buy another one!!!
    m & e