Thursday, October 13, 2011

FINALLY!  I finished the second design of my fashionable PUG HARNESS and (Sighing) trying to get MA-kytah to model it was absolutely challenging.  Even Shady was stressing out (see her in the lower right of the pic?)  All MA-kytah wanted to do was scratch at the rocker.

 THERE!!!  Steady, steady............SNAP
This piece was designed with a wide collar that has a button to situate the top of the harness around the PUG neck.  I sewed beads in the center of the collar.  The harness itself is a triangle.

GOOD MA-kytah - lift your ears........SNAP!
Down the center of the Harness I sewed beads I picked up in Hong Kong.  The Harness is wrapped around the PUG BELLY and is secured with a button.

 WHOA....MA-kytah we need a side shot.  Stop scratching the rocker.
Okay folks - here is the side shot of the Harness.

 See this little PUG?  It's heading to my dear friend in Colorado.  This is one of the several Shadow Box Pugs I made over the summer.  Check out my Etsy Shop for more.

I was so into being fashionable during my career at AK.  I loved wearing scarves.  But now that I am retired I share this pic with you of my designer scarves.  I'll Blog each time about what I am fixing to do with them.  Anybody want to guess what I'll be doing with them?

 I must get back out on the road again to do more tasks and errands as I move on with the move to Germany.  Closing out today's Blog I share this amazing photo of my son Kin.  He said that he could jump in the air and kick his head.  But he doesn't really kick his head.  He can actually touch his head with his foot in mid-air.........and he really can do this with Shady as the witness (lower left of photo).

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