Friday, October 14, 2011

I am getting into all this technology stuff and tried uploading my very first video clip in a Blog.  This is MA-kytah and I waiting at the bus stop for Tammy.  She loves going for rides.

I posted another video on FB Here
Speaking of technology - I am so into on-line bill payments and yesterday I hade to visit four banks and "stand in line."  I have not done that in so long and I mean soooooo long.  During my tenure as an executive at AK and being a solo parent doing everything on line was so convenient because I was pressed for time.  I posted on FB the best customer experience for me was at the Bank of Guam.  I walked into that bank and it was sunny and beautiful.  When I left, or attempted to leave the bank it was pouring rain.  This nice gentleman wearing a Bank of Guam uniform and holding a Bank of Guam umbrella asked me if I would like him to walk me to my car under his umbrella.  I said "oh you are so nice......this rain is going to ruin the poof of my hairdo."  Now that was service.

I am so into dressing up the Pugs and I share with you their lavendar harnesses:

Do you all know the store "Ross?" Well I found these t-shirts there and I just had to have them.....not only to add to the Pugs' wardrobe but also to use it as a pattern for other pieces I am going to make.  Here are video clips of MA-kytah and Shady in their striped t-shirts and striped socks:

Running out the door this morning to get to the soccer field I'm like this:
Car Keys.............Check
Cell Phone...........Check

And out the door I go and when I got to the soccer field I noticed that I was wearing two different slippers:

Do you know when I noticed I was wearing different slippers?  After I had gotten something to eat from this food mobile:

(SIGHING)  I just stayed in the 4Runner and watched Kin play his game.........he is the player in the center with his arms spread out.

Well Blog Buddies - here's to the "Freakin Weekend" (I'm singing this song in my head) and I leave you with this pic of Kin, Frances and Erica.  They all went to elementary school together and we met up with Erica at the Nike store.  Now they all go to three different high schools.


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  1. Very pretty harness and what a sweet pug! Thanks for following my blog