Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 2 of Retirement

I'm having a wonderful time designing and making the cute harnesses for MA-kytah and Shady.  The first set I completed was posted yesterday by MA-kytah.  It was so nice of her to write the Blog and update my buddies on the new chapter in our life. 

(sighing) 23 years at Atkins Kroll.  Time sure flew by and it was quite a journey.  So as I leave AK behind I now have my schedule of things to do for the move to Germany.  Taking it just one day at time and so today I helped with Zach's senior pot luck breakfast at Guam High School.  I was so busy I didn't get a chance to snap a pic but I did buy a car magnet to show my spirit:

I am such a fan of the Food Network especially Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  I cooked the Linguinne with Vodka Sauce and although we have no liquor in this home I did find cooking wine which was an excellent substitute.  Here is Lillian enjoying the dish and boy was it yummy:

As she was feasting on the Linguinne my little grandson got into the dog food and took the liberty of feeding the pugs.  He is so helpful.

Check out MA-kytah and Shady's - I really like their harnesses.

You know - Ed has been gone for almost 5 years serving the Army.  Thank goodness for Skype where we are able to see each other and chat away:

Isn't my little grandson cute in his Army PT uniform?

Starting a Bucket List and first item I drop in is to one day go hiking.  The last time I hiked was on the North of Guam at a place called Pagat.  Lenise, Lillian and I (and a bunch of family members) hiked to the cliff in Pagat and that was a lot of fun.  When and where was the last time you went on a hike?



  1. hi karen!
    i am so glad you are enjoying yourself doing all of you favorite things!
    you deserve every second of fun my friend!

  2. I hiked on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina just this past week!