Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homemade Dog Biscuits

I was hustling to bake the doggie biscuits for the bake sale tomorrow.  This bake sale is sponored by GAIN (Guam Animals in Need).

 As many of my friends and family know - I can't just put something in a bag or on a tray without adding some pizazzzzz.

 I made the tags that included the ingredients and added a picture of MA-kytah.  Tied the tags to the bag with raffia.

 MA-kytah and Shady were in the kitchen with me the whole time I was making the biscuits.  They were eager to get a taste of the batch.

 At last..............the taste test.

It was absolutely a challenge trying to get this photo of the tray of dog biscuits pose with the pugs.  Absolutely challenging.  Although I am smiling I am throwing my voice to Zach to 'TAKE THE SHOT NOW, TAKE THE SHOT NOW.'

Good Night my Blog Buddies.  I'll make sure to share photos of the bake sale.


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  1. The treats look great! I know how hard it is to get pugs to pose anywhere near a food item