Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Toys & Trots

Going into my third week of retirement I just know the pugs wondered why I am home so much.  Being the busy body that I am I purchased them some toys.  This yellow stuffed bone was "ho hum" for them.  It just layed on the floor un-played with.

On the other hand, the pugs love balls.  They just rip it apart too. 

 When they lay around all tired I just get back to my creations.  This is the designer scarf I am cutting up.

I can't wait for these harnesses to be finished.

I'm still getting used to my Canon and decided to take pics of the pugs on the oriental chair.

With all the cooking I have been doing I need to be consistent with my running but today I decided to take the pugs for a walk.  Poor MA-kytah was never "walked" with her previous owners.  In fact she was quite overweight when I got her.  So I put her on a strict diet and now I must get her to go on walks.  Poor poor MA-kytah.  We did 2 miles today but I held her like every .50 miles.  It was a good workout.

 Yep Yep - we made it to the 1 mile mark.  And then we had to walk back.

Good Job MA-kytah!!

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