Friday, October 26, 2012

Feature Friday

The EggShell Pug ornament is done:
Perfect for a Christmas tree or anywhere you want a splash of Pugginess.  I just listed this piece in my Etsy store here
And here are some more pieces I finished:
Flying Pug Angel-Golden Yellow in my Etsy store here
Flying Pug Angel - True Blue in my Etsy store here
Cute little Pug Ornament - in my Etsy Store here
"I Am Pug" is what this ornament is "just saying" and it's in my Etsy Store
I truly enjoyed making these ornaments.  I must say the first batch I made was a mess...............but then that's how you can perfect something you are determined to make.
Until our Next "FEATURE FRIDAY".......I share this pic of something else I am trying to P E R F E C T.  I can't wait to feauture it.

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  1. So adorable!!! Love them. And wondering what you have planned next!