Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Latest Pug Craft

I saw this YouTube video about using egg shells in a craft project and I was eager to try it out. 
It begins with cleaning the egg shells.  Place the shells in a pot of boiling water.  Watch it now because it get all foamy and boils over.

Rinse it out under cold running water.  You then pull out anything that separated from the shell.

The video called for wooden shapes, be it hearts or circles.  The shells will be glued to these shapes. 
I opted to make pug shapes and used cardboard that I glued together to make the shapes nice and sturdy.

I used regular Elmers glue to adhere the large shapes and I used hot glue to attach the face to the body.
More to come in the days ahead.

Brrrr the weather is turning cold these days and  the pugs look forward to long walks.   Well MA-kytah loves the cold weather.  Shady on the other hand hates it.
I always have a hard time with the puggies when it's time to go outside.
 They dance and prance around me and I'm aiming for that D-Ring to latch on the leash.

I should apply Dog Whisperer techniques.  But you know pugs...........they give you that puggy look and I just can't help but give in to their puggy ways.
 I hope everyone is having a
I am.  And so is the little white tree that is filling up with more EggShell Flying Pugs.


  1. oh karen!

    they are fabulous!

    are you planning on seeling any? would love to buy them!


  2. Looking good! Love your crafts!!

  3. Those ornaments are very nice

    urban hounds