Wednesday, October 24, 2012


During my morning walk with the Pugs I find that I can really do some deep thinking.
My deep thoughts today circled around my Blog.  I am so irritated when I can't keep up with what I start.  I get so distracted.  But I am finding that as the teens get older I am not so much needed in their lives.  Everthing that I have taught them to be self sufficient has been executed and being put to good use.  The 18 year old is working and traveling.  While the 17 year old is focused on his senior year and graduation..........oh and soccer.
My daughters have long been on their own with their families and I now shout it out to the world that I am deeply proud of them.  I often wonder if they miss being with me.
Good Golly this must be the onset of the empty nest syndrome.
Okay you see........the mind wanders in so many different ways.
So back to the BLOG.
Today I have given the approval to
to make Wednesdays an official
It doesn't mean bonuses, pay increases, a day off or even an hour off.
It does mean:
Work In Progress Wednesday
Yep Yep
And now Ladies, Gentlemen and all my Puggy friends.  I present my
W.I.P. Wednesday pic run:
 W.I.P. Thanksgiving Pug-grims
W.I.P. Egg shell art
Sanitizing the eggshells in a pot of boiling water.
Peeling off the stuff that breaks away from the shell.
 Drawing the pug onto cardboard.
Gluing the cardboards together so the pieces are mighty sturdy.
 Smoothing out the edges.
Woo Hoo - my favorite part that involves Tacky Glue, A bowl of clean eggshells and tweezers.

Spread Tacky Glue onto a portion of the cardboard shape.  Place a piece of eggshell on top.
Use the tweezer to scoot the shells into place.

Paint the snouts.
And let everything dry.
More to come on Friday's Blog.
Our Friday Blog will be deemed
"Friday Features"
and on to more of W.I.P. Wednesday......
W.I.P. Wednesday - Words with Friends
Boy oh Boy how I love this game.  I so cherish my memories of playing Scrabble on Sundays with my siblings and our Dad.  Scrabble is like Words With Friends.
W.I.P. My Weight
I am appalled that I am not proactive in keeping my weight in tact.  I must say though I am sucker when it comes to eating brotchen and cheese.  But all sucker-ness aside - W.I.P. My Weight is going to progress to losing some pounds and lowering that number on the scale:

 And this concludes W.I.P. Wednesday.






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