Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time Time Time

Hello friends.  It's us MA-kytah and Shady
Are you wondering where the pug artist has been?
It has been quite a while since she has been in BLOGLAND.
Let's June
there was a prom and Miss Karen was busy busy busy
making hand corsages and boutonnieres
Also in June there was a graduation.  So Miss Karen was busy busy busy making Leis.  Lots of Leis.

And then there were new outfits Miss Karen made for us
And then there were other lives in our lives - Miss Karen called it
There was our neighbor pal Dusty
Then there was Harley
 Harley absolutely hated this gate and rammed right through it the first night she was with us.
And then summer came and is about ready to leave us.  And now Miss Karen is busy busy busy with what she loves doing best.  Creating pugs.
Oh look at her work in progress:

 We can't wait to share it with you in the days to come.
Until then we share this photo of our Halloween collection that greets you as you enter our Pug Palace in Germany.



  1. We are glad you are back. You sure are still making lots of lovely things

    urban hounds

  2. You have been so busy! I love your corsages and leis! So beautiful!