Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Greetings everyone.  Today is
A time for me to reflect on what happened these last three days since I last Blogged on Feature Friday.
The "THIS" reflection in my mind right now as I post is that it has been over a year since I retired from my career at Atkins Kroll.  Wow - it seems like it was only yesterday where I closed my office door for the last time to walk into my new life as a full fledge Army Wife.  And what a transition that was.  Talk about deflation.  My stress level plummeted to the point that my mind went stir crazy.  I got over that and began a new career in the hospitality industry.  I'll share that adventure along the way.
I caught up with my blog friends' postings and after reading  Life is art.........Art is Life: Friday Funnies  (on Friday) I thought about how I had to work the weekend schedule and I must share that my job site is so close to home that I opt to walk to and from work (most of the time).  On Saturday morning I was blessed to be able to walk in the wee hours of the morning.............while it was snowing.  Oh how peaceful that was for me...........this island gal.

Anyway R-chee our pug pal at Life is art.....Art is Life: Friday Funnies blogged about his humans heading to an art museum where pugs weren't invited.  Well R-chee it is acceptable here in Germany.  Furry friends are allowed practically everywhere - even resturants.  We still feel a bit uncomfortable when we do get a chance to take MA-kytah and Shady into an establishment only because it is just not allowed anywhere back home on Guam except of course the vet clinic.
More on surfing Blog land I stumbled across this blogger oldgreymareprimitives only because she had one posting (well several postings) on sleeping and the issues she has with sleeping.  I too find it difficult to sleep.  I hate having these issues but I do and I deal with it.  Anyway her last post was about greeting the early morning light.  She has wonderful pics of her home as it goes through the transformation of night to morning.  check it out here.  Here is my early morning greeting pic.
I shall blog more about my morning pic tomorrow for
W.I.P. Wednesday

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