Saturday, February 12, 2011


I wanted to explore the possibilities with "RED" and I have in the making thus far these little pieces that fell onto MA-kyta:

Oh Lookey.  The red pieces are on her head:

Okay - enough fooling around.  The red little things are grouped here:

and sewn on here:

NEXT - beads..........lot's and lot's of them too:

Hmmm - looks a bit odd........but forward I move on this creation:

pug ears.  Just two:

Pug Snout details:


That's it for now folks.  I'll show more of my exploration of "RED" in the coming days.

Look at what I added to my collection.  These little pillows of victorian pugs came from a seller on ebay who once lived here on Guam.
I simply adore them.

My dear friend Melissa of Pug Notes posted a blog yesterday asking what are we doing this weekend.  Well, I shared my "RED" adventure and such.  Cooked a yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner for my boys and their friends.  And then off they went.  One to a school dance and the other to a BBQ.  So I am alone on a Saturday night.  (sighing)  I sure do miss my husband.  I am certain that if he were here, we would probably host a dinner for the fam bam or go to a movie.  But he is in Afghanistan right now and I pray every moment for his safety.  Until he returns home and while the boys are at their activities, my company is Max, Shady, MA-kytah and Abbey.

I leave this pic for you to find the 16 year old.  Can you see him?  Pug Hugs to all.

The Pug Artist From Guam


  1. hi karen and puggies!
    oh what a wonderful post!
    thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful photos.
    hugs to you and your whole family!
    i adore your red puggy!
    happy happy valentine's day!
    m & e